What You Can Eat as A Diabetic: Some Great Food You Should Add Into Your Diet!

Learning that you or someone you love has diabetes can throw you for a loop. Your brain might immediately worry about what you can and cannot eat. People with diabetes need to limit the sugar they eat and cut down on carbs. Some find that using a keto diet helps with some of their symptoms and keeps their blood sugar levels under control. You don’t need to ban all carbs from your diet or stick to foods that taste bland and dull. You can eat tons of things as a person with diabetes and some fun snacks that taste delicious.

Whole Grains

While you need to watch your carb intake, you don’t need to avoid all types of grains. Just choose whole grains over processed grains. Instead of having a stir fry dinner topped on a pile of white rice, replace the white rice with brown rice. You can also add more veggies to make the dish more filling and cut back on your meat intake. Sweet potatoes are also great for diabetics and are easy to make in the oven or microwave. You can even have fun finding new ways to top the potatoes you eat for lunch or dinner.


As fruit contains a lot of natural sugar, you might think you need to cut it out of your diet. Many fruits are fine for people with diabetes to eat. However, you don’t need to worry about the snacks causing an increase in your blood sugar. Both blackberries and strawberries are popular choices, but other berries are equally good. According to Tandem Diabetes, snacks for diabetic kids should include both fiber and fat, such as apple slices topped with natural peanut butter.

Fresh Veggies

While potatoes have a lot of carbs, other veggies are safe for people with diabetes to eat. So you should avoid starchy vegetables like white potatoes and corn. Non Starchy veggies are better for you and won’t affect your blood sugar. Keep in mind that some vegetables affect people in different ways. For example, try taking a blood sugar reading before you eat and then again two hours after you eat to see if you can keep the veggies in your diet. Some of the best vegetables for people with diabetes include peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli.

Protein Sources

One of the most complex parts of building a diabetic diet is finding the right protein sources that keep you full and won’t raise your blood sugar. Some protein sources move through your body so quickly that you start feeling hungry again within a few hours. Deli meats are usually bad because they contain a lot of carbs and hidden ingredients. If you love sandwiches, stick to turkey and chicken without skin. Eggs and nuts are other good sources of protein.

People with diabetes need to use caution when trying new foods because they never know how those ingredients will affect their blood sugar levels. Both kids and adults will find some healthy and yummy things they can eat without any issues popping up. For example, people with diabetes can eat fresh fruits, veggies, proteins, and whole grains.


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