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Are you guys excited about the Twitch VIP feature? The feature that makes you recognizable as a faithful follower of a channel. If yes, then let’s move forward. 

Here is a complete guide of the Twitch VIP, VIP Badges, Icons, Commands, Color Codes and much more.

 What is Twitch VIP?

Twitch VIP

Twitch VIP is a community of loyal users like you that are recognised by the steamers.VIPs are immune to chat and channel moderation settings, setted by a streamer.

Only a steamer can give a VIP status to a viewer. VIP badges cannot be earned or purchased.

Viewers with VIP status in streams are allowed to perform the following actions:

  • Viewers can chat without being affected by slow, sub-only, or followers-only modes.
  • Chat without being affected by rate limits.
  • Chat in all rooms except Mod-only rooms.
  • You can even post links in chat even when those links are disabled.

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What is a VIP Badge?

Twitch VIP

A VIP Badge is a badge that is given to viewers to recognise them as a VIP of a particular Channel.

What are they for?

Twitch VIP badges are a way for streamers like you to recognise the members of your streaming community. Streamers have to complete the build a community achievement on Twitch to unlock VIP Slots, which is essentially just 50 followers and having five unique chatters in your stream at one time. 10 VIP slots will get unlocked after completing the assigned task.

 As you build more community, more VIP badges you will unlock to issue out to all valuable members of your community.

Precisely, getting 10/15/20/25/50/100/200 unique chatters in a stream will unlock 20/30/40/50/80/100 additional VIP badges.

What can you do with them? 

Twitch VIP

Being a VIP on a channel means a lot more than just having a shiny new badge. It actually comes with some unique perks. 

Benefits of a VIP Badge:

  • A viewer with a VIP Badge is not affected by slow follower only or subscriber only chats.
  • You are not affected by a chat limit.
  • Once you have a VIP Badge it means that the channel gives you access to all chat rooms excluding the ones that are for mods only
  • A viewer with VIP Badge is even allowed to post disabled links. 

How to use them?

As a Streamer, if you want to add any regular viewer, subscriber or lurker to your channel. It’s quite simple to do that. The whole process is shown in the video.

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How does a VIP Badge look like?

 The VIP icon looks like a diamond shaped.


VIP viewers are immune to Twitch chat option settings including Automod, and slow/sub-only/follower-only modes. VIPs don’t have access to any moderation functions. But they are exempt from slow- or sub only-mode.

Moderators (also known as mods) make sure that there are no offensive posts and spam that mislead the conversation. They need to take care that the chat meets the behaviour and content standards set by the broadcaster.

How to identify MODS?

 Mods can be identified by the green sword icon in the chat that appears next to their name.

VIP Command

A VIP command is the command that is used to display all the VIPs for the specific channel. This command is helpful for the Streamers, so that you  can keep an eye on the VIPs.

The Command is: /vips

For other chat commands you can visit here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a vip member be removed from vip status?

Yes, a streamer may add or remove a VIP member as per their convenience.

What is the Hexadecimal Code of the VIP Icon?

#E005B9 is the Hexadecimal Code of vip icon.

Can I customize the look of the VIP badge for my channel?

No, VIP badges don’t allow for customization.

Can a person be both VIP and MOD?

Yes, you can be a VIP and MOD at the same time but not of the same channel. You can be a VIP of one channel and MOD of another channel.

How many VIPs can I have on Twitch?

You can have 10 VIps on Twitch on completing BUILD A COMMUNITY achievement. Further VIPs can be assigned on the basis of unique chatters in  a stream.


I found the Twitch VIP very interesting. It helps the viewers to be recognised as the fans of a particular steamer. If you know other features of Twitch VIP that are missed here, please  Let us know in the comment section so that other viewers as well as steamers can take the advantage of that.


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