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 Twitch Turbo, a lot of people wanted to know about Twitch Turbo. What is it? How is it useful? What are the benefits of Twitch Turbo? Why should I take Twitch Turbo? How to cancel a Twitch Turbo subscription? Are there any alternatives to Twitch Turbo? 

Twirch Turbo

Here in this article, you will get the answers to all your questions related to Twitch Turbo, and you will be left with no further doubts, and if you still have you can undoubtedly ask us in the comment section. 

What Is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription program offered by Twitch with several benefits like Ad-free Viewing, Expanded Emoticon Set, Custom Chat Username Colors, Chat badges, and many more. Twitch VIP is also one of the valuable features of Twitch. Let’s see the benefits of Twitch Turbo:

  • Ad-free Viewing Across Twitch: Having a Twitch Turbo subscription means No pre-rolls, no mid-rolls, no companions, and broadcasters are still paid except front-page takeovers. The Affiliate Players and Twitch Partners still get paid for ad impressions when a Turbo subscriber watches their channel.
  • Expanded Emoticon Set: You have the option of choosing between the two emoticon sets i.e. Glitch or Monkeys to express digital emoticons. You can change the emoticons anytime you want.
  • Custom Chat Username Colors: You can have the custom colors for standing out in the chat with Twitch Turbo. Custom chat colors can be set by toggling a set of 3 sliders
  • Chat Badge: Now you can proudly show the exclusive community badges and your passion for Twitch.
  • Extended Broadcast Storage: Previously, you can save the Twitch for Standard 14 days, but with Twitch Turbo you can save it for 60 days.
  • Priority customer support: You can immediately go to the front of the line whenever you need any help with Twitch Turbo Subscription. 

How Much Is Twitch Turbo?

A monthly subscription to Twitch Turbo is $8.99, with Twitch Turbo you gain access to several benefits to enhance your Twitch experience. You want to subscribe now for Twitch Turbo, subscribe to it here.

How to Cancel Twitch Turbo?

Subscriptions are monthly charges, and until you do not cancel them they will renew continuously. Do you want to cancel your Twitch Turbo subscription? Here is the procedure for cancellation.

  1. Log in to the subscription page.  
  2. Locate the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. On the upper right corner, click on the Settings option. 
  4. Select Don’t Renew Subscription
  5. Confirm you don’t want to renew your subscription.

After this process, notice your subscription status. It is now showing as “Sub End Date”, which means you will continue to enjoy Twitch Turbo until the date mentioned. After this date, your subscription will expire and you will not be able to enjoy Twitch Turbo anymore.

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Twitch Turbo VS Twitch Prime

Twitch Turbo

Let’s go further and see how Twitch Prime is different from Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Prime gives you the channel subscription that you can connect with Amazon Prime or an Amazon video account. Twitch Prime gives you access to game content, provides you the facility of giving gifts to your loved ones, you will have special Emoticons with Twitch Prime

And most importantly it gives you free channel subscriptions, you can subscribe to any of your favorite streamers on Twitch, which is the main difference between Twitch Turbo and Twitch Prime. Twitch turbo provides you an ad-free experience on Twitch while Twitch Prime gives you a free subscription for your favorite streamers. 

All other features of Twitch Prime and Twitch Turbo are nearly the same. 

Alternatives of Twitch Turbo

If you don’t want to go for Twitch Turbo or if you have ended your Twitch subscriptions you can try alternatives of Twitch Turbo also. Alternatives of Twitch Turbo are:

  1. phpBB
  2. Website Toolbox Forums
  3. ProBoards
  4. Crowded Community

You can visit the respective links for examining which alternative performs better in comparison to Twitch Turbo. You can compare the alternatives in terms of Software Risks, Business Needs, IT requirements, and Business Settings. In my opinion, phpBB performs better as compared to all the other alternatives.

Wrapping Up

So this was the complete guide for the Twitch Turbo. I hope this was helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to ask your queries in the comment section. 


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