Should You Have a Satellite or Smart TV in Bars?

If you own a bar, you know you need to keep your patrons entertained. In addition to serving up favorite drinks, you will want to set up a TV as an added attraction. It’s important to know if you should go with satellite TV or streaming services for your bar.

Should You Have Satellite TV or a Smart TV in Your Bar?

There are plenty of options for TV for bars, but satellite TV is probably your best bet. In terms of television service in the bar scene, it’s more reliable than a smart TV running streaming services. Customers can come in and enjoy an ice-cold beer while watching their favorite sports events.

According to DIRECTV, with the right satellite TV package, you can get exclusives to NFL, MLB, NBA, soccer and much more. No matter what the preferred sport in your bar, you can provide your loyal patrons with what they want to see as it happens live. They’ll come back for more to enjoy the next big sports event and down a few cocktails while in good company.

Consider the Social Aspects of Enjoying Sports in a Bar

All bars have their own regular patrons. That means that many people know one another. Think of Norm from the popular 1980s sitcom Cheers. Everybody knew his name. People enjoy getting together with other customers they know and are friendly with to sit down and enjoy a cold brew, shot or glass of wine. Satellite TV can make things even more exciting, especially when it’s a special sports night.

Many people still have regular cable TV or just use streaming services at home. Some packages don’t carry all the premium channels. As a result, they might not have access to all sporting events. People who love sports might have a significant other who doesn’t enjoy it and prefers they go out instead of watching the game at home.

A bar is a casual, fun spot for people to get together and kick back while relaxing and enjoying a few drinks. Watching sports on satellite TV can make the atmosphere even better, bringing an even greater sense of camaraderie to all. You can also get a bite to eat while enjoying your drink, company and sporting event.

Why is Watching Sports at a Bar Better Than the Alternatives?

While you could certainly buy a ticket to a major sports event, watching it at your favorite bar is even better. There are various reasons behind this:

  • Satellite TV offers you a much better, clearer picture with plenty of close-ups, replays and details. When you’re at an event live, you might have a terrible seat that’s too far for you to get good visuals. Watching sports in a bar, you don’t have to worry about overpaying for a ticket or your food.
  • Watching sports in a bar means you get the opportunity to catch games taking place in any city, state or even country.
  • You can stay comfortable and dry when you watch sports in the bar. You’ll stay toasty warm doing this in the winter or cool while doing it in the summer.
  • You get to choose your fellow spectators while watching sports in your favorite bar. At a live event, you never know who might be there.

Satellite TV can offer you the best sports-viewing experience in your bar. Your patrons and even your staff will love it.



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