PS4 White Light | White Line of Death or Blue Line | PS4 WLOD

Call it White light, Blue line, or White Light of Death (WLOD), all are the same and show errors in  PlayStation’s PS4. Now, the thing is “What WLOD refers to?” and “How White line of Death will be solved?”

Let me fix it for you!

Let’s just not waste time and figure out the solution of queries one by one:

Are you seeing a white Line on your PS4 when you turn on your system? Only your PS4 shows a simple white line and there is no signal shown on the screen? This phenomenon is called the white light of death (WLOD).

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Reasons Why PS4 WLOD Happens

  • A local/faulty HDMI port
  • Bad HDMI chip of IC
  • Electric lightning/ storm

So, here’s the sad news for you, your Ps4 is damaged or needs repairing. But, don’t worry, this problem can be solved. But before that, you need to check some of the things that can be solved by you.

PS4 White Light

Let’s Troubleshoot the White Line/Light

  • Your T.V. might be showing “No signal” on the screen which clearly states that your T.V. is not getting the proper signal through the HDMI port from your PS4. Try to shake the cable a little or disconnect it and connect again.

Sometimes what happens is “cable gets hit or gets displaced from its original position.” If that’s the case then it is fixable. Read more and follow along:

  • Look at the port. There are small copper pins in the port, check whether they are arranged properly and everything is appearing normal.
  • An efficient way to examine it is to plug the PS4 HDMI wire directly into the Television. If this still does not work properly then you already know that the machine is creating an issue related to the signal.
  • If these things do not work then there is a particular strategy that may work (not very likely). Maybe only your HDMI wire may be defective.

You may have to order a brand new HDMI wire or use some different wire in your home that you already know is working perfectly.

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What to Do When Nothing Works Properly?

So, how to fix the black screen or the error signal you see on your TV?

  • The first thing you have to try is to turn off your PS4; they call it the “white light of Death”- it’s pretty much the same as the “blue light of death.”
  • Wait till the light goes away. Now what you want to do is unplug it and plug it back on the back of the T.V.
  • Then, keep holding the Power button till you hear two beeps, the first beep takes less time to sound and the second beep takes about 4-6 seconds to beep.
  • Now grab the controller of your T.V. remote and then go back to PS4 and change the resolution.
  • The T.V will show a notification like this “The PS4 will restart. After it is restarted, select the video output resolution.”
  • Your PlayStation will restart now and after that, your system will ask to select resolution, and you have to select “AUTOMATIC” as an option.

PS4 White Light


If the solutions stated above do not work, then there is surely a technical fault in it. You have to repair your PS4 machine by a certified person. Sony has various repairs centers where you can go and they will surely address this issue for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I repair my PS4 because it reflects blue light when I turn it on?

There are some important points you have to focus on to fix the issue you are currently facing.

  • Use a new or different HDMI wire and connect it with your television.
  • Sometimes, there is a problem with the power cable, try to check with a different power cable, and see whether it is working or not.
  • Try to plug and unplug the HDMI cable and the power cable.

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