COVID-19: US President Trump Declares A National Emergency

US President Trump Declares A National Emergency and his remarks included an action he announced a $50 billion dollars will be opened up towards working to overcome the COVID-19.

‘To unleash the full power of the federal government … I am officially declaring a national emergency’, said President during his address the pandemic due to Coronavirus. He also said the next eight weeks are crucial.

Speaking about the concern about the availability of tests for the coronavirus, Trump said his team is expecting more than half a million additional tests will be available early next week. To stop the virus spread, Trump announced a probable 1.4 million tests next week and five million in a month.

Dr. Deborah Birx explained a new Coronavirus website for texting. She held up a chart to explain how the website works and thanked Google for support in this context.

Trump went on to introduce representatives from partner organizations working with the White House to fight the Coronavirus. The representatives from Walmart, Walgreens, LHC Group, Signify Health, CVS, Target were few among them.

Trump announced a lot of changes in rules and regulations for the future and the main among them were waiving the interest in all student loans held by government agencies and also buying large quantities of gasoline in the US strategic reserve.

The US President announced a press conference today to speak on Coronavirus and measures take and will be taken out to overcome the chaotic virus spread. While it is highly believed that Donald Trump would be declaring a national emergency in the country in this epidemic situation, the governors of many states already declared the same with their respective states with a rapid increase in positive cases of Coronavirus.

Already many states have declared the early spring holidays for schools and major US companies have asked the employees to work remotely from homes. Travel restrictions have been imposed, Public gatherings have been canceled and tourist destinations like Disney have already declared a shutdown until further announcement.


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