Coronavirus: 8 tools for tracking productivity of your work from home employee
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With the spread of the new coronavirus affecting international travel to the availability of hand sanitizer. Spreading COVID-19 has become a concern. That is why many companies are recommending employees to work remotely until the virus gets slow down. Employers might be wanting to keep track of the time and productivity of the employees during this time.

Here are some tracking tools suggested for the employers

  • 1. Time Doctor
  • Time Doctor might be the best tool in the market if you want to track time for work from home employees. It has the option for screen capture, needed work hours and everything you expect in a time tracking software.
  • 2. Roadmap App
  • The Project Management Roadmap app is useful in tracking time for work from home employees; it can also be used for the in-office team as well. It can help in increasing the productivity of the organisation.
  • 3. TickSpot
  • TickSpot not only helps in tracking time but also make sure that projects stay on budget. It integrates directly with Basecamp and allows team members to see in real-time how close they are in finishing the project.
  • 4. Timely
  • Timely helps you in tracking the time per project, and the interface is easy and straightforward. The best feature is if one forgets to “stop the timer” on a particular project, they immediately get a notification via email that the clock is still running. One can go in and edit as per wish.
  • 5. HiveDesk
  • HiveDesk is a great resource to track work from home employees with features such as random screen sampling, check-in/check-out and easy to use timesheets.
  • 6. TSheets
  • If you are working with clients all over the world, it allows the team to create their schedules. TSheets has so many ways for work from home workers to clock in and out.
  • 7. iDoneThis
  • iDoneThis track achievements instead of asking people to track time. Like “created new page” or “fixed a bug.” This helps to improve the efficiency of the team.
  • 8. Basecamp
  • Basecamp allows to check the time an employee checks off an item on their to-do list, and also the time they add something new. Management can check that employees are spending the right amount of time on tasks, and they are working throughout the day.

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