Best Way to Monitor Kid’s Phone Without Them Knowing

How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Nowadays, every individual has a smartphone with unlimited access to the internet. There is no constraint on age for using the internet; but as children are not as sensible as adults, there is a big concern about how they use these digital devices. While enjoying the windfalls of the internet, they are prone to dangers of it. That is why it is important to monitor kid’s phone without them knowing.

Why May I Want to Track My Kid’s Phone?

Parents love their children, which is why they are conscious of their safety. You may be wondering is likee safe for kids as well as other social media. For this purpose, they monitor kid’s phones without them knowing. There are enough reasons why parents or caretakers may want to peek into their kid’s phones:

  1. Health issues: Parents can manage screen time to protect their kids from health issues like bad posture or neck pain.
  2. To find lost devices: Children sometimes may lose their phones. When parents have already tracked their phone, they can easily find the lost device.
  3. Cyber bullying: Cyberbullying always keeps children threatened. That is why it is crucial to look after your child’s activities on a smartphone.
  4. Adult content: Children are susceptible to adult content when surfing the internet. By tracking phones, parents can control what their kids watch.
  5. Location: When at work, parents can know about the location of their children if they have tracked their smartphones.

How Can eyeZy Help You Out?

Now you might be curious and thinking, how can I track my teenager without her knowing? Well, do not worry, as eyeZy is there to help you out. It is one of the effective tools to track your kid’s mobile phone when you are not around.

  • With eyeZy, you can see the live location of your kid on the detailed map as it allows GPS tracking in real-time.
  • You can also check the routing history of your child over a particular interval of time.
  • With the geofencing feature, you can select many safe and forbidden zones for your child or teen.
  • Whenever your child enters a dangerous zone, you will receive an email notification. Wouldn’t that be beneficial as there will be no chance of your kid visiting dangerous zones without you knowing?

Free Tracking Solutions

eyeZy offers premium plans of different duration. But if you are wondering and thinking, ‘can I track my kid’s phone for free?’ Below are the two most prominent free tracking tools:

Find My Device

It is a free-to-use app that you can download from the Play Store. After downloading the app, add Google account details of your kid’s phone. Now, whenever you would want to check the cell phone’s location, just open the app and it will take you to the dashboard. This dashboard will show you the exact location of the phone.


  • Easy to track my kid’s phone without them knowing
  • Totally free
  • Provides access to the mobile’s location


  • Does not track messages and call history
  • Does not provide any details about the multimedia of the phone you are tracking

Family Sharing and Apple Find My

To track your kid’s phone through Find My app, go to his phone and enable the option Share My Location. After activating this feature go to ‘Find My’ on the dashboard. Tap on your kid’s device. You can monitor your kid’s phone now.

You can set up a Family Sharing app in the settings. Invite family members and ask them to turn on the feature to monitor the location of their device.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to set up
  • You can access the location of your kid’s phone
  • Allows you to track multiple phones at a time


  • Although these apps are free, they do not allow you to access calls, messages, or multimedia on your child’s phone.

In a Nutshell

Now you do not need to ask can I track my child’s phone without them knowing because eyeZy is there to assist you. It is one of the best tools to watch your kid’s activity. It informs you about where your child goes and where he stays. So, you can send him anywhere without getting worried about him.


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