Basic Internet Fixes that you Can Try At Home

The Internet has become quite an important part of life because of its uses and applications in the world today. This widespread usage of the internet has allowed it to penetrate so deeply that today our survival without this technology seems implausible. The incredible adaptability of the internet has allowed it to seamlessly integrate into all existing technologies, while also creating new technologies itself. That’s how it has gained so much influence, as today the internet is being used in businesses, corporate sector, health and education sectors, communication fields, the entertainment industry, and basically all other aspects of life. You just need to pick a field and more often than not it will have some kind of connection to the internet. That’s how important it has become today, and due to this level of importance, internet usage has reached 54 percent world’s population.

The internet was already important, however, its sensitivity and usage soared even more during the pandemic. That’s because when the pandemic happened, everything in the world shut down and people were restricted to their houses. This forced all economic and educational activities to come to a standstill. This lockdown posed devastating consequences for the whole infrastructure of the world as economies went into a severe recession and the whole world plunged into an economic meltdown. Not only the financial sector, but the educational sector also suffered a major blow due to the closure of educational institutes, which had put the academic year of students around the globe at a risk. In times like these, the only way to continue these economical and educational activities was to shift them online, and that’s what happened.

The internet took charge of the whole world’s infrastructure and we were introduced to concepts of remote working that employees do from their home, online classes and the whole system of distance education became a norm, e-commerce replaced physical business infrastructure, and streaming apps became the major source of entertainment in the absence of cinemas and cable TV. In short, everything was based on the internet, and even though when we have almost reached the end of the pandemic the trends that we have adopted during this time are here to stay since they are quite convenient and cost-effective and convenient. Because the internet today is being used for so many important tasks including work and education that is why it is important to go with a stable service provider that offers good quality of service because today a disconnection of even a few seconds can cost a lot.

Importance of a Stable Internet Connection in Today’s World

Internet usage has changed quite a bit from its early days. Back in the day, the internet was mostly used for leisure activities due to which connection drops didn’t mean much to the users. Yes, it lead to frustration and some angry customers but that was pretty much it. However, things are quite different today. As explained earlier the internet is now used for stuff like online examinations and work from home. These are very important activities as people’s bread and butter and students’ education career depends on how good their internet is. That is why we recommend getting reputed service providers like Cox Communications. As these providers have amazing reliability and great after-sales service, especially Cox. Because Cox customer service number is always open to assist their customers in case of any technical issues.

Quick Internet Fixes

Sometimes the work that you are doing is quite important and a wait of even a few minutes to get the problem fixed is not possible. In times like these, the user must know some basic internet fixes that they can do themselves at home. More often than not these fixes can work allowing users to get rid of long waiting times for the technical team to come and do the same fix. Plus they are also quite beneficial when users are in between a sensitive task or there is a shortage of time.

Restarting the Modem/Router

This is the most common fix that is known by almost all internet users. Known as the mother of all fixes, it is the universal method used by many technical gurus. In this fix, the Wifi router or internet modem is turned off and then turned on again after some time. In the case of Ethernet, the cables are removed and reinserted. Nobody knows how but this is a method that works most of the time in fixing the internet connection. It may sound stupid but as long as it works there is no problem in considering it an actual fix.

Updating the Firmware of Network Devices

This is another important fix that comes in handy while solving connectivity issues. Sometimes the connectivity of the internet is affected due to compatibility issues in the software of the Wifi router or the modem. So in order to get the best speeds without connection interruptions, users must keep the software of their connectivity devices updated to the latest version. That’s because every firmware update comes with improvements and protections from harmful programs that may throttle the speed and affect connectivity.

Use Wired Connection

This fix applies to only those devices that can be connected through an Ethernet cable e.g PCs and Laptops. Most of the time the service disconnection or slow speeds are due to Wifi connection problems. The poor signals or obstructions like walls between the receiving device and the Wifi router may cause bad signals that drastically impact the performance of the internet, plus in bigger houses, one router isn’t enough to supply the complete vicinity with proper and strong signals for connectivity. In order to counter that issue, it is recommended to always connect your PC or laptop with an Ethernet cable when doing any important tasks like taking an online class or working online. If you are doing these activities on phone make sure to get Wifi extenders that can boost the signals of the internet in order to cover your whole house.


The Internet has become quite an important tool for us today. After the pandemic, its importance has further increased to sensitive levels so much so that a disconnection lasting seconds can be quite harmful. That is why we have written this article in order to equip our readers with the necessary tips and tricks that can help them do some basics fixes in order to get their internet connection working without the need for professional technical support. However, it should be noted that these are basic fixes that might not always work so it is better to keep the necessary technical support handy in case you aren’t able to solve the problem by yourself


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