[Fixed] Audio Renderer Error |10 Different Ways

Are you struggling with your YouTube, not able to watch videos because the “Audio Rendering Error, Please Restart Your Computer” is occurring again and again on your screen and not letting you watch YouTube Videos.

I understand your problem, how frustrating the error is. So I have brought some solutions for you, that help you fix the error and will not occur again.

Audio Renderer Error

Let’s see the solutions and try them on your computer.

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Unplug/ Replug the Audio Device

You can try the simplest method of fixing the Audio Renderer Error that is Unplugging and Replugging the wired Audio Device, connected with your computer.

Once you Unplug the Device, Restart it and see if the error is gone. If you are having multiple devices connected with your computer, then only keep the default device and remove all the other devices.

But note that, this is only a temporary solution for fixing the error. For permanent solutions check the other given solutions.

Close Audio Mixing Program

Audio mixing programs can take exclusive control from the audio drivers. They will not let your browser use the audio drivers. If a similar program is up or running in your background. Exit the program completely before watching the YouTube Videos.

Audio Renderer Error

Take the following steps to prevent the application from taking control of the program.

  1. Go to the program.
  2. Click on the File.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Now, select Sound Device.
  5. Turn off the Exclusive Mode.

Remember to enable the Exclusive Mode whenever you are having some latency issue in the program.

Disable/ Enable Sound Device

Disabling and enabling the Sound devices can fix your problem easily. Sometimes, the installed devices create problems in the system. So trying this one may help you solve Audio Renderer Error. If you don’t know how to disable the devices, then follow the given steps:

  1. In the windows search bar, type Device Manager.
  2. Click on Device Manager.
  3. Click on the Audio Inputs and Outputs option.

You will now see Audio Devices in your System.

  1. Right click on the Default Audio Device.
  2. Click Disable Device.
  3. Select Yes for confirmation.
  4. Right-click on the same device again and click Enable Device.

Run Audio Troubleshoot

Another solution that might help you solve your problem is the Windows 10 Built-in feature. If the error is occurring due to Microsoft then it can be solved by Running the Troubleshooter probably fix your problem. 

Follow the given steps for Running the Audio Troubleshooter:

Audio Renderer Error

  1. Click on the Start button and type Settings.
  2. Open the settings.
  3. On the left panel, select Troubleshoot.
  4. Click on Playing Audio and then Run the Troubleshooter.
  5. Follow the further instructions given by your system.

Check if your problem has been solved or not.

Rollback Audio Drivers

If the error is caused due to a software bug then Rolling back Audio Drivers will solve the issue. You can Rollback Audio Drivers by following the below steps.

Audio Renderer Error

  1. Type Device Manager in the search bar
  2. Expand the Audio Inputs and Outputs Option by clicking on the option.
  3. Right Click on your Default Sound Device 
  4. Select properties. A pop-up window will appear on your screen
  5. Go to Driver Tab.
  6. Select Roll Back Driver and click OK.

Update Audio Drivers

The error might be caused because you have not updated your drivers and the older drivers are not supporting anymore. So Update your Drivers using the given steps.

Audio Renderer Error

  1. Type Device Manager in the search bar
  2. Expand the Audio Inputs and Outputs Option by clicking on the option.
  3. Right Click on your Default Sound Device 
  4. Select properties

  A pop-up window will appear on your screen.

  1. Go to Driver Tab.
  2. Select Update Driver and click OK.

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Update Windows

Is your Window updated? If not, then the Audio is Rendering due to the older versions of Windows. Update your Windows with the help of the given procedure.

Audio Renderer Error

  1. In the Start menu, type Windows Update.
  2. Check for updates if any, and install them.
  3. Install the other updates as well, if available.

Update Web Browser

If your browser is not updated then update it right now. The Audio Renderer Error may be because of your older Browser. Although browsers are now designed to update automatically, it’s best to check if your browser is updated or not. If not, then follow the steps for updating the Browser. The steps are the same for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open your Browser’s menu
  2. Go to the Help option.
  3. Select About (your Browser’s name).

There you will get informed, your browser needs to be updated.

Switch Browsers

Sometimes, YouTube shows issues with your particular browser, so switching your Browser will solve your trouble.

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Start Watching

I hope you have found the solution to Audio Renderer Error. Let us know which solution worked for your computer. If you have any other queries you can drop your queries in the comment section. 


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